Consumer Law

Consumer Law involves your rights as a consumer and Texas has laws that protect these rights.  The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act was specifically enacted to protect consumers.  Under this act, consumers may recover their economic and treble damages, attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in a civil action against a business or person who knowingly violates the Act.  Texas law provides remedies for consumers who purchase or use a product or service in reliance of certain deceptive acts, such as false or misleading statements, and the consumer suffers as a result of their reliance.  Consumers may be protected if a seller intentionally failed to disclose information that would have altered the consumers decision to obtain the product or service.


Deceptions or Misrepresentations in the Sale, Lease, or Repair of Vehicles


Deceptions or Misrepresentations in Real Estate Transactions, including Nondisclosure of Known Defects in Real Estate Transactions.


Deceptive Financing Practices


Breach of Warranty, Both Implied and Express Warranties


Violations of the Texas Insurance Code and Other Laws Governing the Business of Insurance and Bad Faith Claims


Harassing, Abusive, or Improper Debt Collection Practices


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